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Molly Bruce Interior Design Logo

When I approach a new design project, I take my chosen theme of inspiration and run with it. Whatever materials I may be incorporating, whether it be paint, wallpaper, fabric or furniture, or the smallest of objects found at a flea market; when choosing what to use or where to start, the question for me is not so much "why?", but "why not?".

If I really love a concept then I will make it work.

I believe in interiors that reflect our passions and personal life journeys. The ups and downs, loves and losses, the layers of history that become the very essence of our beings. The unpredictability of life itself and the challenges it throws our way.

Embrace these things, face them head on like you would a love affair. Use them to your advantage and have fun watching your ideas flow and evolve.

I love acquiring personal artefacts. Discovered or inherited. Sentimental pieces that whisper of a bygone era, a story never told of previous owners, the travels they might have experienced. Their surroundings, homes full of love, history and intrigue.

I hope my interiors tell stories of their own, drawing the viewer in and leaving them with questions leading them into the next space, hungry for more. 

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